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Article from Life Long Products

By Hilary Roach

I thought this advice might be helpful to some of our customers.

Before Christmas I had to have a large back tooth removed.  I was very apprehensive as whenever I’ve had teeth taken out in the past, it always takes a long time to heal & can be very sore & painful, sometimes even becoming infected.  So this time I decided to take some advice that my sister had been given by a good dentist in Egypt, where she lived for a while; after the extraction you should try to keep your mouth closed as long as you can, up to an hour.   I tried my best to do this & succeeded for about 45 minutes (it’s not as easy as it sounds), then I doubled up on my intake of Carnosine Powder, which is excellent for wound healing and I also took lots of SerraEnzymes (better known as Serrapeptase), which are very good for pain relief & reducing inflammation.  I did also rinse with lukewarm, salt water and used a mouthwash as well.

I couldn’t believe it, my gum healed up within a couple of days and was only slightly sore when I forgot & ate on that side.  If it had continued to be sore and/or painful, I would have sprayed the cavity with Colloidal Silver, which is wonderful for infections etc.   Once again I hope this has been of help to you.

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