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Aerobic Oxygen – Kills ALL Infectious Bacteria


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Size: 60ml


Aerobic Oxygen is a highly effective product, containing oxygen stabilized in a highly concentrated form and is available in liquid form, with a handy, easy to use dropper bottle. Aerobic Oxygen has been used by thousands of people for over thirty years with no side effects.

Oxygen is the ‘Breath of Life’; one of the most basic elements keeping us alive is the air that we breathe in. Of the five basic elements of life, oxygen is the most vital, if the supply of oxygen were cut of, we would die in a matter of minutes. We are surrounded by air; therefore it is so easy for us to take this precious element and its unending supply for granted. In ambulances, clinics and hospitals, the oxygen supply unit is crucial equipment for patients with breathing difficulty.

The importance of oxygen to humans and plants is evident, yet unknown to most of us; we could be suffering from oxygen supply deficiency. Modern day lifestyles are a large cause of the lack of oxygen problems. Oxygen deficiency and ‘starvation’ is the single greatest cause of all diseases and many scientists and nutrition researchers are examining the role oxygen starvation plays in the development of diseases.

Aerobic Oxygen kills all anaerobic (infectious) bacteria, while leaving untouched bacteria that are harmless and good for you. It aerates water (adds oxygen to it, keeping harmful bacteria from growing in it). In addition the stabilized oxygen molecules add oxygen to your blood and body, rejuvenating tired muscles. The ability to harness the powerful benefits of oxygen is what sets Aerobic Oxygen apart from other products on the market today.


Out of stock

Instructions for Use

Aerobic Oxygen is safe for all ages as it is not a drug and can therefore be used at any time. Used as directed Aerobic Oxygen is virtually tasteless and odourless; it can be added to most liquids

As a dietary supplement: take between 10 to 20 drops, 1 to 3 times a day, in a glass of water

Aerobic Oxygen is also safe enough for use with Children and Pets