B4Health™ Sublingual Spray – 60ml


Size: 60ml

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B4Health™ Sublingual Spray – 60ml – Now Includes All B Vitamins! May Support:

  • Healthy Homocysteine Levels
  • Heart and Cardiovascular System
  • Proper Vitamin B12 Absorption Through The Digestive Tract
  • A Healthy Immune System


Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid formed in the body when other amino acids in your blood are broken down by normal body processes. High blood levels of homocysteine have been linked to a higher risk of heart and vessel disease, and are considered even more of a threat to heart health than high cholesterol.
In addition, high levels of homocysteine combined with excessive serum cholesterol can damage the cardiovascular system.
Recent studies have shown that elevated homocysteine levels may be an independent risk factor for the development of heart disease, brain disease, and stress. Homocysteine also damages cells that line the veins or arteries and stimulates the development of scar tissue in the damaged area. Key nutrients in Homocysteine Sublingual Spray may help convert homocysteine to other substances, thus preventing an unwanted build-up of homocysteine.
Up to 9 times more absorbent than its capsule equivalent – Nutrition B4Health™ Sublingual Spray may help your body maintain normal healthy functions that may include homocysteine levels, brain function, heart and cardiovascular systems, as part of a healthy nutritional and exercise regime.
Formulated to provide optimum natural support, this spray was designed to provide a superior delivery system for essential nutrients that are clinically proven to help avoid and even reverse the ravages of heart disease and stroke along with good diet and exercise.



Take 5 sprays (in the Mouth) once a day, or as directed by your healthcare professional.






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