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What Is Colloidal Silver?

The most popular method of producing Colloidal Silver is a highly technical, electro-colloidal, non-chemical method, in which the silver particles are electrically charged and held in suspension in a solution of deionised or distilled water.  Electrically charged silver particles are in constant motion and can remain in suspension for several months or years in the container.  Reputable Colloidal Silver manufacturers use 99.999% pure silver, which is very expensive; they also use the highest quality injectable-grade water for the solution and the process of creating the final product, which is quite an involved process.

How Does Colloidal Silver  Work?

Silver has had a long and distinguished history as an anti-infective; however, certain bacteria are essential to healthy body function, such as acidophilus.  Several researchers claim Colloidal Silver only attacks the unfriendly pathogens and will not harm the friendly ones, but how can it possibly differentiate?  One explanation is that the friendly bacteria are aerobic, while unfriendly bacteria are anaerobic. It is said that the silver does not attack bacteria directly, but rather decomposes certain enzymes that the anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast and moulds require. The silver acts as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process.   The reason that the bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver, as they do to antibiotics, is because silver does not attack them directly, but rather destroys the enzymes that they depend on.

Colloidal Silver is known as ‘Nature’s Antibiotic’. In the early part of the last century, it was referred to, in medical literature, as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.  Scientific evidence is finally emerging about the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver in destroying ‘bugs’ of all varieties.  It has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, parasites and a numerous variety of organisms.  There is no known disease-causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of Colloidal Silver.  Based on laboratory tests, destructive bacteria, virus/fungal organisms are killed within minutes of contact.

Colloidal Silver Key Applications:

  • Burns                            
  • Warts                                      
  • Thrush                          
  • Viruses
  • Infections                     
  • Insect Bites                            
  • Athletes Foot                
  • Purifies Water              
  • Wound Healing             
  • Stomach Upsets 
  • Immune Support          
  • Acne & other Skin Conditions
  • Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Infections                    
  • Parasites   
  • Safe and Effective for use with Animals 
  • Can safely be used with and to prevent Infections on Plants
  • Wipes Out Germs (Bathrooms, Toilets, Highchairs, Kitchen Work Surfaces etc)




Suggested Uses for Colloidal Silver:

At the onset of a cold (within two to three hours) take Colloidal Silver at regular intervals; by the end of the day you should soon be feeling well again.  It can also be taken as a preventative measure if you have been exposed to colds/flu.

  • Colds/Flu: Three tablespoons daily until symptoms disappear
  • Daily Nutritional/Maintenance Dose: One x teaspoon or one x 5ml
  • Therapeutic Dose: One to three tablespoons daily or 15 mls to 45 mls daily
  • N.B.     1 x teaspoon 1 x 5ml         1 x tablespoon  =  15 mls

Some conditions may require more or less Colloidal Silver – depending on the immune system. 

  • Children: A quarter to one half of adult dosage according to age and size
  • DirectionsHold under the tongue for a short period, then swirl around the mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing to maximize the effect.

N.B. Colloidal Silver is a pure, safe mineral element and you cannot overdose and there are no known side effects.  It can be either taken internally or used topically, where appropriate.

  • Sore Throats: Gargle with undiluted Colloidal Silver, use as often as required.
  • Externally: Apply directly to cuts, scrapes and open sores.  A ‘cotton bud’ makes a good applicator or put a few drops on a small ‘plaster’ and place over warts, cuts, abrasions, or any open sore.  Dab directly onto eczema or other such itchy areas, acne, mosquito/insect bites or any other skin problems.
  • Eyes: Put a few drops into each eye at night before bed.  It is perfectly safe to use in a baby’s eye as well.  You may find it easier to apply with an eye bath, ensuring that the eye bath is cleaned thoroughly if eye is infected, before using with other eye.
  • Ears/Nose: For ear infections/irritations & nose infections/irritations, such as sinusitis, place a few drops, using a sterile dropper, in the ear or nose.
  • Douches: (For Thrush or similar problems) Add two teaspoons to pure water.
  • Animals: Can be taken internally and/or used topically with animals; reduce dosage according to size. (contact us for further dosage details for Pets).
  • Plants: For all bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants, simply spray diluted silver onto the leaves and add to soil when watering. (Mix 1 teaspoon per quart)

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