Ethozyme II – 120 Vegetarian Capsules


Size: 120 Vegetarian Capsules 

Discount: 2 x £88.95 – 3 x £131.95


Ethozyme II May Provide Support For:

  • Healthy Arteries and Cardiovascular System
  • Healthy Blood Pressure and Circulatory System
  • Healthy Lungs and Bronchial System
  • Healthy Digestive System
  • Healthy Eyes and Brain
  • Healthy Aging

What Is Ethozyme II ?

Ethozyme II is an all natural enzyme health supplement containing 16 powerful nutrients that have been specifically formulated to provide a synergist.This Synergy produces a total effect on health and well being that is greater than the sum of each of the individual ingredients. This all-purpose scientifically produced formula that greatly enhances health and well being to fight disease.

What Does Ethozyme II Contain?

  • Protease is responsible for digesting proteins in your food, which is probably one of the most difficult substances to metabolize
  • Lipase is an essential enzyme responsible for breaking down (hydrolyzing) fats (lipids) into smaller components that can readily be absorbed through the intestines.
  • Cellulase is produced naturally by different symbiotic fungi, protozoa, and bacteria that have the ability to catalyse cellulolysis (the breakdown of cellulose, a carbohydrate that is the major part of the outer cellular structure of vascular plants).
  • Lactase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes milk sugar (lactose) into its component parts, glucose and galactose, and assists in the digestion dairy products such as, ice cream, milk and cheese.
    Amylase is a digestive enzyme that acts on starch in food, breaking it down into smaller carbohydrate molecules.
  • Acerola extract acts as a free radical scavenger for the skin and contains mineral salts that help return minerals to stressed areas of skin.
  • Olive Citrus Blend is a powerful antioxidant that, according to studies, is effective in lowering the bad cholesterol due to its polyphenol content.
  • Coral minerals are highly absorbable due to their natural ability to become ionic upon contact with moisture.


Ethozyme II also contains Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase was first discovered in silkworms and is now manufactured synthetically. It is a proteolytic enzyme which means that it digests or dissolves – it helps to break down proteins known as fibrin. Fibrin is found in tumours, cysts and dead red blood and muscle cells. The astonishing fact is that, unlike other biological enzymes, Serrapeptase affects only non-living tissue, like the silk cocoon of the silkworm. This is the reason that the butterfly is not harmed. For our health purposes, serrapeptase dissolves only dead tissues such as the old fibrous layers that clog the lining of our arteries and dangerously restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Because of this, Serrapeptase is extremely useful in keeping arterial deposits from building up again after angioplasty (a balloon technique used to clear an artery blockage) or coronary bypass surgery has been performed.

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