Magnesium Bath Flakes Ultra with Opt/MSM (Pouch)


Size: 750g


Recommended for soothing aching muscles and joints. These flakes contain Magnesium and other trace minerals that dissolve immediately in warm water, also contains minerals and Sulfur in the form of MSM. This added ingredient is designed to facilitate more efficient uptake of Magnesium ions.

Ancient Minerals – How it Works

Topical magnesium, a method of delivering minerals towards the body through the skin, may seem at first mysterious and new, but it’s based on both age-old principles and really advanced science.

Have you ever used a patch to assist you to quit smoking, or to reduce pain? How about that expensive skin cream you bought to help give your skin a healthy glow?

If you’ve used or understand any of these products, then you know the basic concepts behind relevant applications of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil.

The skin, the largest organ of the body, has three primary functions:
• Temperature control
• Detoxification
• Barrier function

While one function of the skin is to be a barrier to keep water and moisture in while keeping germs and toxins out, the skins other functions, temperature control and detoxification, could not occur if the skin was truly a complete barrier.

For example when you sweat you are both controlling your body’s temperature and naturally excreting toxins through your skin; if you can push out toxins, you can pull them in as well!


Magnesium is needed by every cell in the body including those of the brain and is one of the most important minerals when considering supplementation because of its vital role in hundreds of enzyme systems and functions related to reactions in cell metabolism, as well as being essential for the synthesis of proteins, for the utilization of fats and carbohydrates. Magnesium is needed not only for the production of specific detoxification enzymes but is also important for energy production related to cell detoxification.

It is important to take a supplement that it is from a natural source in order for the body to benefit fully from it and rule out any side effects from toxins for example from metallic based mineral supplements.

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