PainSolv MkV Class IIa Medical Device


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Size: 168mm


The PainSolv MkV Nerve and Muscle stimulating device (CE 591626) which uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) to deliver the therapy which is designed specifically for pain management.

Benefits of using the PainSolv MkV:

· Easy to use

· Apply wherever required

· Safe for all ages

· Light and Compact

· Fully Portable

· No mains required

· Safe with Orthopaedic Implants

· Usable on Acupuncture Points

· Usable through medical dressings

· Chronic, Wound & Stress pain settings

· Charger Adaptor included

· Ideal for handbag, briefcases

· Safe to use on aeroplanes

· Safer than Medication, TENS or Ultrasound

Most scientific clinical studies clearly show, that in order to obtain clinical relevant results, the minimum pulsing field strength must be at least 3-5 milli Tesla (30 to 50 Gauss). PainSolv MkIV generated 135 Gauss output (40 Gauss through skin surface), which fell into the above range, as evidenced by independent product technical review.

Please note that this PainSolv Medical Device comes with a UK Charger ONLY, please click the link below for the correct Charger for your Region:

Painsolv Chargers link


Other Pain Relief products that help with a wide variety of pain problems are JointAstin & Serrapeptase.




Out of stock

In order to generate piezoelectricity inside bone and cells the field strength must exceed 10 milli Tesla (100 gauss). There are different variations of large and expensive coil systems mounted on arms or beds, but none of these systems is able to generate energies higher than 100 gauss. Pulsed electromagnetic waves are the only energy source to pass through all materials without refraction.

  • Custom-designed inductor head
  • Totally unique targeted conical beam (no leakage from sides)
  • 800 Gauss Peak Output (5.92x stronger than MkIV)
  • 3.8m/sec pulse duration – 5m/sec inc decay (7.6x longer peak output duration than MkIV)
  • 6hr maximum re-charge time (60% less than MkIV)
  • Output proven via Coloumb’s Inverse Square Law
  • Samsung Lithium-Ion internal battery
  • Enhanced HEX software code and circuitry
  • Integrated, detachable safety wrist lanyard
  • Almost 30x stronger than nearest competitor



Pulsed magnetic wave intensity decreases with distance, according to Coloumb’s Inverse Square Law. The further from the source inductor the pulsed wave travels, the actual magnetic field intensity drops by the square of the distance.

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