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SerraPets (Serrapeptase) 80,000 IU High Potancy Tablets


Size: 90 Tablets


SerraPet Serrapeptase is a nutritional enzyme that is well known for it’s positive reactions when in pure quality and high strength as part of your pet’s everyday nutriton.

As part of a overall healthy lifestyle, Serrapeptase enzyme in SerraPet™, helps to promote your Pet’s inflammatory system health, and contributes towards lung, joint, tendon, cartilage and connective tissue support . . . added nutrition without negative side effects.

SerraPet 80,000IU Powerful Serrapeptase Support:
*An Organic Proteolytic Enzyme
*Producing Anti-Inflammatory Mediators
*Helps To Support Many Normal Body Processes
*Naturally Processed
*Delayed Release For Optimum Systemic Delivery

Also available for humans


£12.50 £18.95

Suggested Use:
Initially take two tablets, three times a day and increase gradually as needed. Pets suffering from chronic pain can take higher doses, according to their needs up to a maximum of thirty tablets/capsules per day. Once the condition has improved the dosage can then be reduced gradually to a maintenance dose of one/two tablets once/twice a day.

Ideal for dogs and other animals. The guideline for dosages with animals would be equivalent to the human doses but should be reduced according to size; for instance a horse maybe the equivalent in size to a human, whereas you would reduce the dose slightly for an Alsatian, but even less for a smaller dog.

Although it is usually recommended that the tablets are not chewed or crushed, as they are enteric coated to protect them from being destroyed by stomach acid, it is not always easy to stop pets from chewing them. If an animal does chew the tablets it will not harm them in any way, however they may not be quite so effective, therefore a higher dosage should be given. If a pet does chew the tablets, try and ensure that they drink water afterwards if possible.

Ensure that the Serrapeptase tablets/capsules are taken on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before food.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more advice on dosages.

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