Super Nutrient Serranol™ New Improved Formula!


Size: 90 Vegetable Capsules


Professional Strength Serranol™ to support:

• Healthy Cholesterol
• Heart Health
• Healthy Blood Flow
• Healthy Circulation
• Healthy Joints
• Healthy Cells
• Healthy Lungs
• Helps to clear mucus, inflammation and scarring.


Serranol™ Ingredients

Nutritional supplements with just one powerful ingredient can do the body wonders. But now, thanks to Serranol®, a breakthrough product packed with four “super nutrients,” there’s an easy, effective way to boost the body’s total health like never before.

Targeting a whole host of symptoms, ailments and conditions, Serranol® is a powerhouse of ingredients concentrated into a single capsule that supports the body’s fight against premature ageing and compromised health.

Developed by Robert Redfern, an internationally respected nutritionist, broadcaster and author, Serranol tackles many health issues including joint problems and chronic pain.

The secret behind Serranol®

The secret is the combination of four key ingredients: Curcumin X4000TM; Ecklonia Cava Extract; Serrapeptase; and Vitamin D3 in one vegetarian capsule. These core nutrients provide this super-supplement, Serranol®, that studies show targets dozens of health and aging-related issues.

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