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Dear Hilary,

It was very nice to have a chat with you earlier today when I ordered my further supply of your Re-Vital-Eyes Drops.

I am so very pleased that I heard about this wonderful product, it has relieved me of much worry and distress.

When I visited my optician for another eye-test, which is due every year now I am elderly, I was horrified to be told that he would be arranging for me to have a cataract operation within a year as my left eye had a cataract growing and the right had the start of one. This was about three years ago.

I had heard, through friends, about these marvellous eye drops, which they said would dissolve cataracts, but I was worried as I felt if they dissolved cataracts, might they do harm to the eyes. I found out a bit more about the drops and my friends further said that their cataracts were disappearing and their eyes were fine.

Another few months went by and I plucked up courage and sent for a supply. I had been using them as instructed for several months with no ill effects, so I ordered further supplies. I had not been happy with the opticians I was used to, so I went elsewhere when my test was due. To my delight the man giving me the eye test did not mention anything untoward so I questioned him. It seems he had not yet reached the point where they peer into the eyes with a bright light, but when he did he said that my left eye had the ‘start’ of a cataract, nothing serious and did not mention the other eye at all. I was so thrilled as I had been hearing such frightening things about this operation and how some had all sorts of problems. I shall certainly continue to use Re-Vital-Eyes and tell others about my relief and success.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs A. C.

N.B. Original signed copy, with full address, on file at Head Office

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