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Dear Hilary Roach,

I felt that I must write and explain how Re-Vital Eyes and the New Focus Spray have helped my sight.

Earlier this year, I went to see my doctor after being told by an optician that I had cataracts in both eyes, he confirmed that this was correct and referred me to the hospital. I then had an appointment with the eye surgeon at the hospital in February, who gave me the option of having a cataract operation or waiting a little longer until my sight had deteriorated further.

My wife would often cut out various articles that she thought would be of interest and then put them away for safe keeping. After she passed away, I was looking for a telephone number in the Directory and the cutting from the newspaper about the eye drops that could help with eye problems, fell out from between the pages. I thought that I was meant to find this cutting and decided to try the drops. On reading the information that was sent to me, I decided to try the spray also.

I have recently been to a different optician for another eye test; after she had thoroughly examined me, she commented that I had very healthy eyes for my age. I asked her about the cataracts and she replied “What cataracts”? I explained that I had been diagnosed with cataracts in February and explained about the drops and spray that I was using. She then repeated that she could find no trace of any cataracts, even though only a few months ago, I had been diagnosed with cataracts in each eye.

As I didn’t want to have an operation, I was placing eight drops into each eye daily and also using several sprays of the New Focus Spray daily. To ensure that the problem does not re-occur, I am continuing to use the drops and the spray, but have now reduced the drops to one or two a day and reduced the sprays to two or three daily.

I have also found that since using the drops and the spray for only a few months now, I no longer need reading glasses. I found this out by accident; I sat down one evening to read the newspaper and found that I’d forgotten my reading glasses, but discovered to my surprise that I was able to read the print without them.

As I am in my eighties, this is quite amazing, but true. It is much easier being able to read without having to bother with reading glasses all the time and I am delighted to find that I no longer need a cataract operation.

Thanking you for your help and I hope that this testimonial helps to persuade other people to try either or both of these products.

With kind regards from
Mr D W T

N.B. Original signed copy, with full address, on file at Head Office

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