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EyeAstin MD Formulas – 60 Soft-gel Caps


Size: 60 Soft-gel Capsules

Discount: 2 x £54.95 – 3 x £79.95


EyeAstin™ is a proactive, comprehensive eye health supplement. EyeAstin™ supports healthy vision and enhances normal eye function. It also helps reduce eye fatigue and strain from reading or long hours spent on the computer.

Many of you will have already heard of or are already taking the BioAstin range of products, with the natural active ingredient, Astaxanthin (Asta-zan-thin). BioAstin, apart from being good for eye health, has many other benefits, including relief from aches and pains, particularly joint pain and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and has wonderful sun protection properties amongst many other health advantages. BioAstin Supreme has more Astaxanthin than the regular BioAstin and other added beneficial ingredients; Joint Astin not only contains higher doses of Astaxanthin, but also contains a powerful natural Glucosamine, which is wonderful for joint pain.

The manufacturers of BioAstin have now brought out a new Astaxanthin product called EyeAstin, which will not only help to promote good eye health nutritionally from within, but will help with eye fatigue, eye strain and many other eye problems.

But what separates EyeAstin from other eye formulas on the market is a 6 mg per serving dose of Natural Astaxanthin, which is becoming recognized in the medical research community, as a superior nutrient for eye health – perhaps the best available

Other carotenoids have begun to attain a certain level of fame for having beneficial properties for the eyes.


There is no doubt that lutein and zeaxanthin are wonderful products to support and protect the eyes and there is credible evidence that they can help prevent age related macular degeneration and other degenerative conditions. But due to Natural Astaxanthin’s superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, indications are that it will prove to be superior to all other nutraceuticals for eye and brain health.

EyeAstin can be taken on its own as a wonderful way to improve eye health, or as a prevention and to maintain good eye health. EyeAstin can also be taken alongside the Re-vital-Eyes/Bright Eyes drops, those customers who have been using the eye drops and want to help improve their eyes nutritionally from within, will benefit greatly by taking EyeAstin also.

EyeAstin: Featuring clinically validated ingredients:

BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin – to support eye health

Lutein – an antioxidant for the eye that promotes healthy eye function

Zeaxanthin – a carotenoid & powerful antioxidant with specific benefits for eye health

Bilberry – a close relative of the blueberry, an antioxidant used for a variety of eye disorders, including poor night vision, eyestrain and overall eye health
EyeAstin contains NO gluten, No Lactose, No Preservatives, and No Solvents and is totally natural.

Instructions for Use

Suggested serving: 2 capsules daily with meals. Each bottle contains 60 capsules for a full month’s supply.

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