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Maxi Focus Eye Liquid Oral Supplement with Lutein and Zeaxanthin


Size: 2oz/60ml

Discount: 2 x £44.95 – 3 x £65.95

The manufacturers of New Focus have now developed an exciting new product called ‘Maxi Focus’, which not only contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin, but also contains an additional 17 vitamins and minerals. It also contains Phosphatidylserine, commonly known as PS, which is an essential lipidic component of the cerebral cellular membranes.

Several studies show that PS supplements can support learning, memorising, cognitive capacities and cerebral concentration. Therefore, Maxi Focus could help to maintain good eye health, plus ensure good general and mental health also.

Also available is New Focus Lutein Sublingual Liquid.

The Main benefits from using Maxi Focus are:

· A clearer view · Reduced glare

· Brighter colours · Improved acuity

· Improved contrast · Improved night vision

· Reduced visual fatigue · Improved general eye health

· May also help with cataracts · Improve mental ability & memory

Why is it best to use a Sublingual Liquid?

The Focus products are designed to be sprayed under the tongue before being swallowed; this sublingual method promotes excellent and rapid absorption, ensuring speedy access via the blood stream to the eyes. Intra-oral sprays have a 95% absorption rate in everyone, regardless of age. Tablets have only a 20% absorption rate at best. Since our digestive systems can start to deteriorate as early as our teens, absorption is a key factor, which is why both Focus products are so effective.

£22.95 £25.95

Instructions for Use

Shake the bottle well to ensure that it is mixed thoroughly before filling pipette and apply under the tounge, this will also help to ensure that the pipette does not clog.

Upon waking,Use one full dropper under the tongue and ‘swish’ it back and forth around your mouth for two minutes, then swallow.  Take one more full dropper in the same way, in the evening.

When you have used four bottles, if desired, you can reduce the amount you take to one full dropper in the morning.

Please note that both Focus products are more beneficial when taken at least ten minutes before drinking any liquid or eating and at least fifteen minutes after drinking or eating.

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