SerraEnzyme- Available in Different Strengths- High Potency Capsules/Tablets


Size: 30/90 Capsules – 90 Tablets

Discount: 2 x £36.95 – 3 x £53.95 

(80,000IU’s) 90 Capsules/Tablets

Discount: 2 x £96.95 – 250,000 

(250,000IU’S) 90 Capsules


SerraEnzyme (also known as Serrapeptase) is an enzyme, with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and profound benefits in the reduction of pain. The active enzyme present in SerraEnzyme was originally found in the intestine of the Silkworm; today it is processed under clinical conditions that do not involve the Silkworm.

SerraEnzyme helps with a wide range of conditions including:

*Pain problems such as, Trauma Pain, Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain
*Lung Diseases such as Asthma, Bronchitis and Emphysema
*Post Operative Healing
*External Scarring and Ulcers
*Varicose veins and other circulatory problems
*Night Cramps
*Headaches & Migraines

To read about the full benefits of SerraEnzymes please contact us to request a detailed information sheet.

The standard drug therapy in the UK for inflammatory diseases and trauma include Steroids and NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), which include prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Apart from offering temporary relief, they can also cause dangerous side effects; this can often mean that other drugs must be prescribed to counter the damage being caused by the first.

The main ingredient in SerraEnzyme, this powerful enzyme, is proving to be a viable alternative to traditionally used pain relief drugs. Because of its ability to break down dead tissue and inflammation throughout the body, the enzyme can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.


Also available for Pets!


Enzymes are present in all organic living matter and are essential in every function of growth, repair and health in every cell in our bodies.

Our bodies have a love-hate relationship with inflammation. On the one hand, inflammation is a natural response, necessary to protect the body from invading organisms; on the other hand, inflammation can limit joint function and destroy bone cartilage and other articular structures. It can also be extremely painful and debilitating.

Suggested dosage for SerraEnzyme

This higher dosage can be used for chronic conditions and/or pain relief, take one to two capsules – twice a day increasing the dosage slightly if and when needed – you can safely take up to six capsules per day. If you prefer it, for convenience, these larger unit capsules can be taken in smaller doses and less often, instead of taking more of the lower unit ones.

Please ensure that the Serrapeptase tablets are taken on an empty stomach. It is also recommended that these capsules are NOT chewed or crushed, as they are enterically coated to protect them from being destroyed by stomach acid.


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